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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

5 Steps On Putting The Products On Your Store Shelves

source: http://sh.st/POi6

Download Food and Beverage Business: Example Business Plan, http://sh.st/POpO

To Distribute Your Food Product Use a Local Delivery Service
Remember when you drove all the way across the state to your newest retailer? It was great the first time, but re-stocking the shelf with your second order was a lot of gas and time.

Get Your Minimum Order Increased
With a minimum order, you’re able to make money with each delivery.

On Certain Days of the Week Consolidate Deliveries
Doing deliveries every day throws off your schedule. That’s why you should consolidate your deliveries on certain days of the week.

Learn How to Sell Food Online
Food websites are growing and there are popular easy to use ecommerce platforms like Storenvy, Shopify and Etsy all focused on small artisanal businesses.

Partnership with other Food Producer
If you start doing this more often with the same stores, you may want to look at working with a food distributor.